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We're Back

The North Norfolk Writer’s Group resumed meetings at Merchants Place on the 8th of September. It was so good to see everyone in person rather than on a screen, which we had done a few a times over Lockdown. The room at Merchants Place felt safe, secure, and welcoming thanks to all the wonderful staff there. It was so good to be able to put side all the stress of this year for a while and just revel in talking to people other than those we had been indoors with during Lockdown.

The meeting was spent getting to know our new members, a little free writing and setting out our aims and goals for the coming months. After speaking about social distancing, it was sadly decided that until the Covid situation improves we would be unable increase our membership much further. We have setup a waiting list for anyone interested in joining once that point is reached.

At the next meeting on the 22nd of September, we are looking forward to another workshop with Sue Burge a local poet and tutor.

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