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Back in lockdown

With North Norfolk Writer's Group meetings on hold until at least December 2nd, I thought I might do a little bit of writing each day while we were back in Lockdown. While I have done a bit of editing of work I had done earlier in the year. I have allowed myself to be distracted by my ’to read pile’. While these days it is not an actual pile of books. A few years ago, it was something that spread over bookshelves, boxes and empty corners of tables all over the house. Now my Kindle gives me a less cluttered house and makes it easier to read more than one book at a time, depending on what I am in the mood to read. These are both positives but the challenge comes because it is very easy to build up a large amount of books without realising until you are informed by the Kindle that there is no space to add the next book you buy. So I have been enjoying some quality reading time. At least the next few weeks will allow me to read guilt free returning to join my fellow writers refreshed and ready dive back into writing next month.

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