North Norfolk Writer's Group

We came together as strangers. All isolated in different ways. Looking for something more. Writing is a very solitary occupation and the course on Writing from Life Experiences drew us all in. The first lesson came and as a group we all just clicked. The course progressed and our writing improved. We all discovered confidence, acceptance and friendship. When that course finished, we took the next one and the next. However, months later at the end of term there was not another course to take. Not wanting to lose contact we put together our own ‘Summer School’ for four meetings held at Merchants Place.


The Autumn found us in Cromer library, wondering if our little group was going to be able to continue. Then a lovely lady from Norfolk Learning put us in touch with Norfolk CANConnect and we have emerged with their help and support into a community group, the North Norfolk Writers Group. We aim to bring together and support creative writers in the North Norfolk area. To promote further learning, mutual support and combat isolation among our members. We normally meet on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoons of the month at Merchants Place in Cromer.

It has been a difficult and stressful time for everyone worldwide over the past months. We were concerned that with all that was going on our fledgling group may not survive the Covid-19 crisis. This concern though had to take a backseat. We as individuals had more pressing anxieties, about family, work and health.

However, time has passed, and everyone has settled into the Lockdown and the new ways we have of living. We have survived.  The group have managed to keep in contact by email, video conferences and the odd text message. On our WORD page you will find some of our work go take a look before you go. We restarted meetings in September and if you check out our Blog here you will be able to see what we have been up to.

To comply with the November Lockdown we  paused our meetings and that is where we currently remain. Now in March as we all still staying safe at home.

Sue Burge, who runs occasional tutored workshops for us at Merchants Court offered to do the one we had booked by email instead and it was a great success. We all found ourselves inspired to dive back into our writing.  If you are Interested in the courses Sue Burge runs you can find her website here.

If you would like to join us when things get back to normal you can email us at for further details.